• Tokyo Valentino - Cheshire Bridge Road

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    • City: Atlanta
    • Neighbourhood:
    • Address: 1739 Cheshire Bridge Road
  • Viewed: 847331
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: There are at least a dozen booths with very large glory holes. There is a dark room on the first floor and lots of naked guys sucking and fucking there. Just outside the dark room is another large room that seems to be a rest area; however, on really hot nights there can be seen fucking and sucking taking place there as well.

    Upstairs there is a small dark area and four rooms with doors that lock. Individuals on the exhibition side don't lock or shut the doors. Also up stairs is a bathroom with a sink low enough to clean yourself off with. Going back downstairs there is a shower room with three showers and six lockers to put your belongings in.

    The clientele seems to have changed over the years, but they are not all bigots and there is always someone willing to play with you. Like most places there are a lot of people looking for the perfect twink and that perfect cock. Just get use to it, it's the same everywhere.

    The new additon is a full locker room, a large room with slings, stocks, and massage tables.