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  • Parliament Social Club

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    • City: Augusta
    • Neighbourhood: Augusta
    • Address: 1250 Gordon Highway
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  • Description: Prices and facility descriptions are accurate. The entire set of facilities now called Metropolis Complex with a new web page:


    Parliament House is now part of the Communion Party Circuit with a very busy and active crowd the first weekend of the month. Major features include Two Inappropriate Pool Party Events, a series of fetish parties, and the Ain't Misbehavin' Pool Party with Augusta Pride. Fetish events attract a mainly leather crowd 40's and up with their followers. Pool Parties attract a younger crowd.

    Key nude place spaces are:

    The Maze - There was at one time an actual maze on the second floor of the main play building. There is very little of it remaining. Instead, they built four rows of glory hole booths. They are well designed for oral and anal simultaneously for the person in the booth. However, these are not used very much. They took the mock jail-type space and put about 40% of it where there had previously been a row of also little used glory hole booths. The upstairs was the best and busiest place in the building but no more. Downstairs includes a steam room with lockers and a dark room play space orgy room where the lazy susan was relocated. There is also four glory hole booths, Second floor is a large video room as well as the aforementioned glory hole booths

    The Pig Pen - Renovated and updated with several rooms filled with various apparatus. New lighting has given it more atmosphere. Definitely the showcase of the play spaces now

    The Pool - Open 4/1 to 11/1 most years due to the generally warm local climate. Nudity permitted. Weekends and after work are the best times. Hot tub in a secluded space 50 yards away and also nude.

    The maze is open 24/7 unless it's being cleaned. The Pig Pen is open from 11 pm, all night, until early morning. The maze is perfect for guys with a day pass. It is right next to the pool, so ideal location for summer months, too.