• Pleasureland Museum

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    • City: Elkhart
    • Neighbourhood: Osceola / Baugo Park Area
    • Address: 56415 Ash Road
  • Viewed: 103509
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: There are 4 goryholes between 9 booths. Cost: between 10am and 12 noon you can pay $7 for both the theater and arcade. After 12 noon, it costs $10 for 3 hours in the theater and arcade, or you can pay $7 for just the arcade. There is a special on Friday nights for couples, TVs, TG's. It's not "lights out" in the arcade, the lights are just dimmed. The theater has about 12-16 folding chairs and a large bench seat in the back. No one bothers you in either the arcade or theater.