Hook up with hot gay men at Romantix in Council Bluffs
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    • City: Council Bluffs
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    • Address: 50662 189th Street
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: There are two theaters in this place. Theater 1 is the newest and is on the back wall of the store. They call this the 'gay' theater. It has 4 folding chairs, a two person fake leather loveseat and no bathroom. The TV is a new flat screen, approximately 50", and the sound quality is very good too. The theater is about 20' x 12'.

    Theater 2 is on the right side of the store just before you enter the arcade and now is referred to as the 'straight' theater. The TV is about a 50" model AND they have finally removed the two rows of theater type seats. Currently, there are 8 fake leather arm chairs and two-person love seat. All are pretty comfortable but check before you sit down that somebody didn’t dump a load on them. The theater does have a bathroom but the door does not lock. Toilet paper is hit or miss. Behind the last row of chairs is a chest high wall and behind it an approximately 8 x 8' area where guys stand and exchange blow jobs and anal. Price: $7.00 for one theater entrance; $9.00 for both theaters; $13.00 for couples

    The arcade has a $6.00 minimum purchase but some of the regulars, two in particular, seem to be able to get by without that and just have their run of the place. They chit chat, go outside and stare down people, and test doors constantly. 24 booths; some larger than others. No glory holes. The arcade has a bathroom. Some of the staff will chase down people who walk directly into the arcade without buying the minimum.

    Couples will go into the theater and arcade but mostly on a Friday or Saturday night and occasionally on Sunday. The bookstore is TG/CD friendly. You can walk in dressed without a hassle.

    There is a strip club within a ½ mile of the bookstore and this may bring in some traffic past midnight from guys who are horned up and wish to get off.