• Moonlight Boutique

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    • City: Kansas City
    • Neighbourhood: KCK
    • Address: 5053 State Avenue
  • Viewed: 218554
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Front is a typical adult video store, with movies, magazines, toys, and lingerie. Arcade in the back with multiple booths. Entry fee is minimum $6 for a card with about 20 minutes of viewing time. You must buy a new card each time you enter, or add at least $6 to your existing card. Arcade has hundreds of movies, organized by category. One booth is a double, big enough for couples to get comfortable. A number of the booths have buddy windows. The four booths along the back wall have a glory hole (two pairs, no double holes). You only have to pay the 6 again if you leave the lot. Otherwise you're fine to go to your car or whatever.