• Blue Movies Love Boutique

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    • City: Louisville
    • Neighbourhood: Downtown Louisville
    • Address: 140 West Jefferson Street
  • Viewed: 89675
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: In the Forum City Blueprint building. Sex toys, lingerie, videos, and magazines are sold on the main floor. The adult theatre is located on the second floor and costs $10 per per person or couple (presumably heterosexual). Theatre seats around 40 in movie theatre style seats. Also on the second floor, there's at least 16 peeps with no gloryholes. However, many booths have a small pen size hole that allows you to be seen from next peep. Peeps are pretty small with a nice entry way. Nice decor in bathrooms.
    Males late 30's and up. However, male and female couples have been known to go to the theater.