Hook up with hot gay men at Sheraton Boston 2nd & 3rd floor in Boston
  • Sheraton Boston 2nd & 3rd floor

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    • City: Boston
    • Neighbourhood: Prudential Center
    • Address: 39 Dalton Street
  • Viewed: 197451
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This is a high traffic cruise spot and one of the busiest in Boston. Like Copley Mall, it has its regulars of neighborhood locals who usually are over 40yo and physique that vary wildly from in shape to obese. Sheraton has the biggest rows of urinals and stalls in most of their bathrooms, making it easy to cruise. When there is a convention or event in the hotel, non-cruisers can make it difficult to get any action started. As one of the more famous and well utilized cruise spots, you can usually find someone looking for action between 9am-9pm.