• Little Mack Entertainment

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    • City: Jackson
    • Neighbourhood: East Jackson
    • Address: 2401 East Michigan Avenue
  • Viewed: 280036
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Located upstairs is the Group lounge. It does cost $12 to get in but is valid for all day. Return trips in the same day included. There are 3 main areas. As you walk in there is video poker and bathrooms on the left. If you turn right you enter the play areas. There is 2 couches and a TV playing in the main room. If you go further back you come to an area if you go left there is 2 booths to sit and have some fun with a movie playing. If you turn right there is another room with 2 TV's and 3 couches some chairs and a round table that is perfect to be gang banged on.

    Facilities: The lounge area downstairs as been closed. Guys that paid the $12 would sneak in other guys into that room, so management got mad. Too bad because it had the most action. If enough guys complain about it, and follow the rules, they may reopen it. Lounge is god for circle jerk and group action or just be a voyeur.