• Markin Glen Park

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    • City: Kalamazoo
    • Neighbourhood:
    • Address: 5300 North Westnedge Avenue
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  • Description: There are two parks; the one on the east side of North Westnedge is the campground park while the one on the west side of North Westnedge is the park with the trails for cruising, and is approximately 1/10 of a mile north of the campground. You can only park your vehicle in the front parking lot, then you can walk down the paved road toward the trails. You will see a picnic shelter atop a hill and just past the shelter is a paved path that will take you up the hill, towards the woods and the trails. There are several trails branching off of one another for some cruising fun.

    Parking is $5.00 for a day pass and $25 for an annual pass, and is done on a self-pay honor system. If you park in an approved parking spot you generally won't be harassed if you don't pay the fee.