• Vegas Video and Temptations Men's Spa and Gym

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  • Description: Store - Vegas proudly offers a variety of adult novelties from the industry; with a large selection of adult videos from popular video distributions. They easily satisfy all customers wildest desires and proudly caters to the more standard and mainstream categories with: Straight, All Male, All Female, Bisexual and Transgender videos.
    Arcade/Theater - The private theater/arcade houses 13 individual booths and 8 theaters, plus a couple's (male/female) only theater. Being a private theater/arcade a monthly membership is required, along with a daily admission fee. For individuals, the membership cost is $20, with a daily admission of $10. For the couple’s the cost is $20 for memberships and $10 for daily admission. There is no smoking allowed in the Arcade/Theater.

    Men’s Spa - The men's spa Is a male-only spa. The spa does not provide any massages. You will be required to purchase a block of 4 hrs for a locker or a room, Extended rates are available upon request. Rates for a locker start at $20, room rates start at $40, during the week, with rates differing on the weekends. There are spa/arcade combos and couple/guest rates available. The spa provides showers, hot tub, lounging areas for socialization and relaxation, a small gym and a pool table. Towels are also provided. You will be required to sign in and acknowledge the rules. You will be asked to provide a deposit for your locker or room rental, you be asked for providing at least one of the following: keys, cash, or ID.There is no smoking allowed in the spa.