• Strand Theater

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    • City: Kansas City
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    • Address: 3544 Troost Avenue
  • Viewed: 424808
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: The staff is very friendly. They don't seem to care what goes on in the theater areas and seldom come into the theaters.

    The downstairs theater, straight porn is laid out like a movie theater with movie theater style seats in rows. There's a large center area, two aisles and more seats on either side of the two aisle. Probably seats approximately 150. The space between rows is very large. Large enough that someone can comfortably sit while someone else comfortably kneels in front of them. Very easy to find a buddy and pick a couple seats tucked in a corner for some fun.

    Second theater located up the stairs to the left as you enter the main theater playing gay porn. It's substantially smaller. Four or five rows of theater style seating and room enough for approximately 50 people. There is room behind the seating and to both sides of it for standing around and lots of dark corners. It is much darker upstairs and you can hear when people walk upstairs.

    Downstairs, outside of the theater area is where the arcade is located. There are four large booths without doors. You enter, place your dollar bills in the machine, and select the movie of your choice. A listing of the movies is displayed when you enter the arcade. Plenty of room inside each booth. When cruising look for one of the dark booths indicating in use and stand a bit inside the entrance of the booth. Caution sometimes the screens will not display video output. There is a $10 charge to enter the theater.