• Midnight Video

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    • City: Sweet Springs
    • Neighbourhood: I70
    • Address: 20306 125th Road
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: The spa is now open. There's a small locker area when you first enter. There's a small "gym" area with a few pieces of exercise equipment. That's probably just so they can call it a gym and spa. It's got a couple of lounge areas. They each have big screen TVs. A small shower is also built in to the area. It's got multiple shower heads and is designed to let you show off to guys walking by if you want. There's a nice hot tub in front of a big screen TV in another area. They have some private rooms (8' X 8') that cost an extra $5.00 to rent. Designed with a cool retro, classy look & feel to it. The spa isn't very big but it's put together nicely. There are different rental rates, depending on when you go. Rates start at $15.00 for four hours from Monday-Thursday. They start at $25.00 (four hours) and can go up to $40.00 on weekends (eight hours).