Hook up with hot gay men at Peep Land in Las Vegas
  • Peep Land

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    • City: Las Vegas
    • Neighbourhood: Central
    • Address: 2424 Western Avenue
  • Viewed: 344872
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: The booths are new and made of stainless steel with windowless locking doors. There are 2 glory holes. The booths are spacious enough to accommodate 2-3 people. Most booths have two chairs. There are light switches in each booth. There's a steel cable that you can optionally fasten at the entrance of each booth; this way, you can leave the booth door open but still somewhat control who comes in to join/observe you. The place is very clean. The staff leaves customers alone and doesn't go into the arcade except to clean. A restroom is accessible within the arcade. There's a $1 fee to enter the store and a $1 fee to enter the arcade. Booths take bills only. Glory hole booths are located at the back right side when you walk in (they are facing you). The GH booths only accept $5 bills (so have them available). GHs are about 1 foot long by 4" wide. Plenty of space for cock and balls to slide into. Glory hole booths take $1.00 or $5.00, 20% more viewing time with the five. Update (August 2018): There are no more glory holes; they have been boarded up. There's now a $1 fee to enter the store. All booths now have only one chair.
    The turnstile at the entrance to the store is now $1. Once inside the store and arcade are many bill-changing machines. $1 to enter the arcade. They leave you alone if you are feeding the machines. But, if you just wander the arcade or sit in one on your cell, you'll get yelled at. Spend some money and enjoy the sex.