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  • Red Gym Men's Club

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    • City: Syracuse
    • Neighbourhood: Brighton
    • Address: 448 East Brighton Avenue
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  • Description: All new information is from their website (and a visit there yesterday)
    this line may be deleted as the cost of the room/locker includes a $ 5.00-day pass -- Must buy a day pass which is $5, as well as a locker or room rental.

    New prices:
    Locker rates are based on a six-hour visit. Room rates are based on an eight-hour visit. All prices include a $ 5.00-day pass.
    Monday through Thursday:
    Lockers: $21
    Rooms: $25
    Video Rooms: $29
    VIP Room: $40

    Friday noon to Sunday 6 pm:
    Lockers: $25
    Rooms: $29
    Video Rooms: $33
    VIP Room: $45

    add to this: Special $69 monthly membership. Full access to the gym, sauna, lounge, steam room including a locker and towel.