Hook up with hot gay men at Pilot Travel Stop - I95 Exit 75 in Dunn
  • Pilot Travel Stop - I95 Exit 75

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    • City: Dunn
    • Neighbourhood: Dunn
    • Address: 65 Sadler Rd.
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  • Description: This is the pilot travel center off of I95 exit 75, with a Quiznos and Dairy Queen built in.

    All stalls have peep holes and urinals are perfect for showing off. Two side by side urinals with a low divider. The mirror and sinks are just to the right of the urinals, so you get a great view from the sinks...or you can put on a great show from the urinals.

    This is also a truck stop so there’s always the chance to take it outside if you don’t find inside private enough.