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    • City: Cleveland
    • Neighbourhood: Downtown eastside
    • Address: 2600 Hamilton Avenue
  • Viewed: 477621
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Amazing pool and Saunas. Hallway has benches. Action goes down anywhere. There are 4 glory hole booths setup to the left of the stadium-style video lounge with big screen TV and near the stairs going down to the pool, steam sauna area.

    The stadium style video lounge has been transformed into a space with multiple slings, St. Andrew's crosses, a hanging barrel. Still a tv playing porn. To the side are 6 to 8 glory hole closets. An adjacent open area with carpentry horses padded for a bottom to raise ass for easy entry.
    A jail cell style room is usually a hot bed of group activity. Includes bunk bed frame, and a sling.
    A very large video room near beach-style roof space is equipped with massage tables. Also a good spot for group action. Voyeurs will have plenty to see.
    All demographics can be found. The younger guys can be somewhat dismissive toward men of a certain age.