Hook up with hot gay men at Battery Park in Sandusky
  • Battery Park

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    • City: Sandusky
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    • Address: 701 East Water Street
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  • Description: Parking area next to skate park area. Paved parking behind cop shop. 1 Handicapped parking spot. all day action but it varies as to type of guys. Also action by the boat dock basin parking lot across from park area near Damons. Back in , take a walk, have a seat on the bench at the end of pier. Follow signs to downtown waterfront, the best spot is behind the Sandusky police station, by the Sandusky sailing club. Park by the black iron fence, cruise the docks; if no action, drive the waterfront park, dock circuit. Usually something going on when it is dark. Due to the proximity to Cedar Point,the area is filled with tourists and boaters most of the summer. Weekends are usually the hottest times. In season, it is decent all the time.