• Taboo Video - SE 82nd Avenue

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    • City: Portland
    • Neighbourhood: Mt Tabor
    • Address: 2330 SE 82nd Avenue
  • Viewed: 83153
  • Rating: 2 Rating: 2 star 100
  • Description: There are two sections, the arcade and the theatre

    The arcade has over 20 rooms, located in two rows. There are private viewing rooms, voyeur rooms and gloryhole rooms. All the GH rooms are located next to each other in one section. There is no entrance fee to the arcade. There are also a couple "party" rooms that are bigger and perfect for group play.

    The theater costs $10 to access, you can keep your receipt for re-entry. The theater is nothing more than a large room with a big screen tv on one end, and couches/chairs.