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    • City: Erie
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    • Address: 1113 State Street
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Has gay movies and regular sex movies 7 days a week. Movies are in separate rooms. Glory hole in video arcade.

    Facilities: $3 "membership" (good for one year) and additional $5 in tokens to enter booth area or $7 to enter theater.

    This only has 1 movie theater now and shows hetro porn. There are a few chains 5 I think and a worn out leather love seat. There are now 2 gloryhole booth between booths 4/5 and 8/9. most video booths don't seem to be working well (as of 4/29/18.
    Pretty much just older guys but sometimes younger guys are there. If interested in someone ask them and if they aren't interested or tell you know move on and let them be.