• Hall Woods Nature Preserve

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    • City: Greencastle
    • Neighbourhood: Well north of Greencastle just outside Bainbridge
    • Address: 3301-3727 E Co Rd 675 N
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  • Rating: 5 Rating: 5 star 100
  • Description: A looped hiking trail; about a mile to the end; where there’s a cabin/shelter that’s open to public. There’s even a door that latches, and a view of oncoming hikers. The parking area is small. 2-3 cars, but some guys park and wait. When you get there, give the usual signals, and start walking to get a small head start. You’re just looking to be followed. Or let the cruiser start out first. It’s quiet and undisturbed; just use common sense and careful because the occasional family ambles down there. Generally you are alone.

    Bear to the right when the path diverges, and you’ll be at the cabin/shelter in no time (you have to get to the river/creek). This is an excellent place to meet up, or cruise. Lots of action during warmer months, and more action than ever during the winter last year. You can head back via the lower path, or follow it around to “rest” by the river, and won’t likely see anyone coming that way. Though you will have a view of the upper path.