• Pennypack Park

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    • City: Philadelphia
    • Neighbourhood: Mayfair
    • Address: 3229 Rhawn Street
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  • Description: There is a big parking lot that you pull into when you get to penny pack park. There is also a picnic area near the pavilions and restrooms. In the summer there is more action in the park. The big rock you are looking for is down the path immediately behind the pavilion with the outdoor fire-place. When you get to the rock, some do the deed behind, on the far side of the rock, but if you continue down the path, past the rock there is a cliff formation, where others do the deed. And as soon as U cross over Lexington Ave, 3rd light from the Blvd, (park will NOW be on BOTH sides of Rhawn Street),. Next light is Holmehuirst (opens on the left only). 200 feet forward and there U are. It's a nude beach & a beautiful spot. Plenty of bushes, rocks & places to hide away.