• Rhode Island Veterans Cemetery

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    • City: North Kingstown
    • Neighbourhood: Exeter
    • Address: 301 South County Trail
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  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: This is quite a beautiful place, very peaceful, a must see even if you are not looking for someone to hookup with. Go through the main gate, the visitors centre and restrooms are on your right. Stay on the road to your left along the woods. The first part is a massive field in a big circle with monuments along the edge and individual plots in the center in rows. Along the left side in between each monument is a nature path, any of these paths have private areas in the woods to hookup. Follow the road to the left and you will go down a hill and into another field with the chapel in the middle, Like the first field the trails are along the left in the woods. Follow around until the chapel is in front of you on the right. You will be on the road in between plot rows B1 and C1 there are standing markers. Park on the right shoulder in the dirt next to a little pond, to your left will be a very large grass trail that leads deep into the woods. There is an alternate way to gt to this spot without actually entering the cemetery. Just before the cemetery entrance on Rt 2 South take a right onto Main St. Follow it and keep left with the cemetery on your left. You will see a dirt road to the left (Dawley Rd). This road follows the backside perimeter of the cemetery and brings you to a parking area for an actual hiking trail in the woods. Park and proceed to the Queens River and have fun in this private secluded area.