• Cinema One

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    • City: Chattanooga
    • Neighbourhood:
    • Address: 4100 Rossville Boulevard
  • Viewed: 177428
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Theater has reopened as of 1/27/17 after the Nov. 2016 fire. New policy effective in mid-November is that no cellphones or weapons are allowed inside the theater/arcade area. Patrons are "wanded" before being allowed inside.

    It's a nice clean place with friendly staff. The entry fee plus the membership fee for the first time totals $18 and then if is $15. For an extra $3 you can purchase an in/out all day pass. Membership card is good for a year.

    There are two theaters plus an arcade. You first enter the original theater with three rows of theater seats, the main aisle and then about 8 rows of seats up to the front with aisles on either side. Walking through the main theater you enter a smaller theater which is supposed to be couples only in the evening and weekends. It is showing gay movies the other times. They no longer have a couples night (free entry) but m/f couples are always charged only $15.

    Entry fee covers theater and arcade with the arcade continuously running a single film in each booth. No doors on the booths or glory holes between booths. The movie in the main theater runs for anywhere from 1 - 4 hours before repeating. Movie is changed only once a week.

    The remodel has added much more light in the theater and arcade area, probably due to building code requirements. The arcade is accessed directly from the main hallway serving the theater, smoking room and arcade.

    The bathrooms have been remodeled to make them a little bit bigger.