• Bliss Arcade Theater Club

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    • City: Dallas
    • Neighbourhood: The Rows
    • Address: 9109 John West Carpenter Freeway
  • Viewed: 190141
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: Bliss Arcade Theater Club located at 9109 John W Carpenter Fwy, Dallas TX 75247-4519 is the new name for the former Adult Releases.

    They have an arcade area has about 20 private viewing rooms that accept ones and fives maybe 10s and 20s also. Each room has some type of sexual apparatus such as a glory hole wall, spanking bench, walls with hand holds that you could tie someone to if you provide your own straps or rope. One room even has a sling which places the bottom at the perfect height to be rimmed, fucked, blown or fisted. Two rooms have an opaque LCD panel between the rooms, when the occupants of both rooms press the button the LCD panel becomes clear allowing you to see into the other room. Make sure you know who and what is in the next room before exposing yourself, the other room could be occupied by local law enforcement in which case you just got busted for exposing yourself in public.