• Spring Creek Preserve

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    • City: Garland
    • Neighbourhood: South of George Bush Turnpike
    • Address: 1770 Holford Road
  • Viewed: 177075
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: There are two parks one on the north end of Holford Rd. and on at the south end. Plenty of trails and places to go into the bushes. Very private. There are also look outs.
    There is a glory hole in the rear end of the porta potty. The porta potty has a round hole facing the parking spot next to it so if you park next to it you can get or give a peep show also has a small hole at eye level to see anyone coming and a big square one facing the woods and if you follow the little trail straight back there is a big tree with a limb growing sideways about 3' off the ground very secluded and a little to the left of that a big flat rock with a 2' drop to a ledge behind it both are great places to play...