Hook up with hot gay men at Spa World Houston in Katy
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    • City: Katy
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    • Address: 929 Westgreen Blvd.
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  • Description: Korean Bath house with separate wet areas for men and women. To enter the wet area you need to remove ALL clothes.
    In this Korean bathhouse, first, you lock your shoes in a locker at the entrance and they give you a set of clothes to change into if you want to explore the public area of the facility. Evidently, there is a restaurant, game room, and other co-ed facilities. In the men's locker room, you remove all your clothes before entering the bath area. There are two sets of towels. Some rough blue ones and some short brown ones. You use the blue ones as a washrag with the soap that is provided in the shower areas. There are two types of shower areas, which you must use first before proceeding into any of the baths or into the sauna or steam room. The first type of shower is for standing. They are along the wall. The other type is more traditional. You can pick up a small plastic stool and a plastic bowl. You fill the bowl with hot water and use it to pour water over your head and body to get wet. Then you soap up. Here's where that rough towel feels really good. It's great for washing your back. You can also wash your buddy's back if you are not alone. Wash everywhere. Then rinse off the same way. There are also handheld showerheads available in the seated shower. The water temperature can be adjusted, but you have to remember that 30 degrees is warm, and 50 degrees is hot. After you are clean you can go to the baths. They have signs that tell you the temperature as you get in and soak. It's a great place to relax naked with other guys. There are sometimes children in the room, so it is not a place for sexual activity.