• Texas State University Flowers Hall 1st Floor

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    • City: San Marcos
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    • Address: 101 Bobcat Trail
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  • Description: The second floor RR(same level as quad) has peepholes, but the first floor RR has a new GH, recently drilled between the first and second stall. Not much action here yet, because it is a new GH, but has great potential because it is not as busy as the GH over in Centennial. Check it out!

    Some days it's non-stop orgy -- some days less so. You can almost always get off if you're willing to wait long enough.

    Facilities: The second floor (Quad level) has peepholes but the GH on the first floor has been sealed up. It had been getting steady traffic and with a new semester starting they sealed it.
    New glory hole on third floor of HPB in restroom between 1st and second stalls.