• Sea-Tac Rest Area

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    • City: Federal Way
    • Neighbourhood: Federal Way
    • Address: Interstate 5
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  • Rating: 2 Rating: 2 star 100
  • Description: This rest area has two sets of restrooms. When you first pull in, there is a new restroom at the South end of the rest area where you first pull in. There is another small building with free coffee and vending machines in the middle, and then past that is the older restroom on the North end of the rest area. Both restrooms are open and both have been remodeled inside. It is much easier to have under stall play now with the new restroom stalls. The newer restroom closest to where you first pull in, seems to be less busy during the evening and night hours. You will have to check both restrooms for action though, as some cruisers still go to the old one. There is a large parking area for truckers, and they are here all hours of the day and night.