• Rain City Jacks

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    • City: Seattle
    • Neighbourhood: Pioneer Square
    • Address: 309 1st Ave S
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Rain City Jacks is a traditional jack off club (J/O club) modeled after New York Jacks and SF Jacks. It's a private club with membership open to any male 18 or over.

    RCJ hosts between 3 and 5 group JO parties every month. Each party draws an average of 65 diverse men, ages 19 to 74. Average age is around 40 and there's always a variety of men represented.

    Rain City Jacks rents space in the Gallery Erato in Pioneer Square for its events.

    Activities are limited to non-penetration (mainly jacking off, frottage, etc.) and the club enforces a Code of Conduct that emphasizes fun, mutual respect and group play. It's a genuinely friendly environment full of hard dick and the generous sharing of that hard dick.

    The club supplies lockers, beds, couches, chairs, lube (Albolene), paper towels, baby wipes and light refreshments. Members need only show up, strip and play. Each event lasts three hours.

    RCJ is a 100% legal club and a non-profit business. A team of over 20 volunteers run the club for no compensation. All funds collected go to support the club.

    This is a real JO club for all men who want to share masturbation and indulge in lots of dick play without risk of disease, arrest or disclosure.