• Arboretum

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    • City: Seattle
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    • Address: Lake Washington Boulevard East
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  • Description: Great place to find meat to play with. Can be very hot at lunch time and in the afternoons. Many go there for quick relief and succeed.
    The old place appeared to be shut down since the 520 bridge work site seemed to cover the entire area, but the old area is alive and well. As one is heading north on the main drag through the arboretum there is a fork in the road at one point. To the left one goes by the entrance to 520 and also can continue past the west side of the arboretum and up at Montlake Blvd. To the right one finds parking lots and the Arboretum nursery. Go to the right and park. Walk back towards the fork in the road and look for a path down the hill. Follow the path and you will go past the construction site, go under a freeway bridge and eventually end up at the old nude area.