• Hollywood Erotic Boutique

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    • City: Spokane Valley
    • Neighbourhood: Valley
    • Address: 9611 East Sprague
  • Viewed: 62191
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: The theater up stairs has 5 rooms. Each room plays different videos, with the back room playing gay videos. $12.00, gets you four hours.
    Upstairs has 5 internet rooms. $7 first hour. You have key and can lock your room if you want.
    Update: There is no theater anymore. All porn signs & posters have been removed upstairs. Now only 5 internet rooms with computer and lockable doors. $7 for first hour, $5 for second and $3 for final hour computer usage. Max is 3 hours. If all rooms are taken or you want to hang out, there is a lobby waiting room for $3 with coffee, water, TV and couch/chairs.