• Route 35 Adult Video & Bookstore

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    • City: Pliny
    • Neighbourhood: Fraziers Bottom
    • Address: 1631 US Route 35 North
  • Viewed: 417708
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: The front is of course the store itself with one of the more comprehensive assortment of adult toys and DVDs (both for sale and for rent.) There is a booth section with a large number of booths, and yes, all with gloryholes. Also in the booth area is the outdoor patio. Now to enter the booth area it's required that you buy 5 dollars in tokens. Then there is the theater area that is 10 dollars a person or 15 dollars a couple (and yes, there are m-f couples that go in there fairly often), which is a very, very large area that is full of big comfy sofas and a lot of chairs and tables as well. Also there are some smaller rooms also equipped with comfortable furniture. There is a big screen in the main room showing non-stop straight porn movies and also TVs in the smaller rooms showing the same. There is also another room with gay porn and several sofas in it as well. As for the video games, aside from 2 small bar top type game machines there are no other ones. The management is wonderful and treats everyone with respect and is very cool. And as Rt. 35 is a heavily traveled truck route, there is still a ton of parking for the big rigs in front. It's a great place and a lot of fun.