• Fantasy Lane

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    • City: Canberra
    • Neighbourhood: Fyshwick
    • Address: Unit 19 Molonglo Mall
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  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: Since the original description was written, 'Mustang Ranch' has moved two doors down to new premises, now called 'Fantasy Lane'. There is a new layout with new facilities. Once you pay at the counter and are let in through the door, you enter a hallway. To your right are the locker room, showers and toilet. To the left is the start of the cruising area. The first room is a lounge area with couches, a TV, computers and some basic refreshments. Usually no sex in this room. If you continue down that hallway, you will turn the corner and to your right will be the orgy room and a porn lounge. The old 'suckatorium' has been replaced with a new design. To enter the top level with the glory holes you need to go around the corner and up the ramp. The lower level is inside the orgy room, so spectators can watch the guys on the upper level being sucked off on the lower level. Continue around the corridor to the left to go upstairs. There you will find several private rooms with double beds, a sling room and another orgy room. There are screens playing porn throughout the club.