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Australia happens not only to be warm, spacious, and one of the most extraordinary countries on planet Earth to both visit and live in, it also is home to some of the hottest, raunchiest and sexiest gay hookups you can imagine.

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Australia is very progressive on gay rights, and its government has put solid anti-discrimination legislation into law.

The above means that gay men are safe to cruise for sex regardless of their city. From gay singles to the hottest gay cruising spots, you can go from monogamy to “room for three,” all in a couple of clicks.

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That said, while you can indeed find plenty of gay men to have sex with, such as in Perth or Melbourne, the city widely regarded as the friendliest place in Australia for gays is Sydney. Sydney’s cosmopolitan nature makes it easy to hook up with guys from all ethnic backgrounds, including gay Latinos and Black gay men.

With the massive number of gay bars, restaurants, clubs, and hookup spots, Sydney’s gay-friendly atmosphere has earned the city the informal title of Australia’s gay capital.

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