• Mount Whitfield Conservation Park

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    • City: Cairns
    • Neighbourhood: Aeroglen
    • Address: Aeroglen Cycleway
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  • Description: This area is unknown to many people and is a great place to have sex outdoors. This area is private and has a covered hut, with seats which is a great place to lie down and get down. Bring a towel as well. The roof is a nice flat place which is easily assessable. There is a large open dirt road which leads from the Aeroglen cycleway, at the bottom of Mt Whitfield. If the hut isn't your cup of tea, there are private large open rocks, on your right where your walking up the hills. These rocks are very large, and flat and are a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the airport. There are so many paths up the hill from this main dirt track, and so many area's where you can have sex. Large trees around the area, allow for open spaces at the bottom which also make great places to do it.