• Club X Peep-a-View

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    • City: Adelaide
    • Neighbourhood: Downtown
    • Address: 348 King William Street
  • Viewed: 544220
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: Plenty of action, great place to meet safely and possibly in private. Admission costs are $11 except first hour is $5.50. Three lounge rooms which play XXX videos. The last one, in the back, does have a bed and there are 2 toilets. Venue shows gay movies all day except Saturday is bi movie day. Male only venue. Now has 4 rooms open with videos playing in all rooms. There are glory holes in the internet booths which is a spate area to the lounge. Internet booths are $2 for 8 minutes. Also has a cinema for all genders/sexualities which is $15. Action is each area varies.