• Maurie Jarvis Woodland

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    • City: Dandenong
    • Neighbourhood: Keysborough
    • Address: Westbrook Drive
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  • Rating: 5 Rating: 5 star 100
  • Description: Enter the housing estate usually off Chapel road, turn into Donnici Drive. There are many areas of land within this estate and you must follow directions carefully to find the correct reserve. You should continue to Westbrook Drive and continue until you spot the gravel car spots. Nearby are also two large footy ovals. The estate runs parallel to houses which are on Westbrook drive.
    This is a large stretch of park land and the best spot is the side off Westbrook Drive. Look out for the gravel car spots and enter through the entrances next to these. Once inside, the area is like a giant maze. Also, once you enter, there are some seats. Sit here and wait for guys or check out all of the car spots for guys waiting in their cars. Once you meet a guy, find a dense area within the reserve.