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What is a Gay Bathhouse?

Bathhouses are located across the USA, Canada and around the world. In Australia and the United Kingdom, many patrons also refer to them as gay saunas.

Bathhouses and gay saunas can be large private clubs or daily membership clubs with large pools or saunas. Some locations, such as Steamworks Seattle, don’t have steam rooms (but are well-reviewed for their cleanliness when getting dirty). Still, many bathhouses include showers, hot tubs, public and private places for anonymous sex, and some even have a gym membership or areas to get pumped, like Red Gym Men's Club in Syracuse, New York.

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First Time to a Bathhouse? What Should You Know

As you’re searching for a gay spa, steam or gay bathhouse near you, or you’re nervous about your first gay sauna sex experience, no need to worry.

While you may view and bookmark some of your favorite gay bathhouse porn online, perhaps too timid to experience it for yourself in real life, there’s no reason to hold back!

For those new to the experience, here are some first-time pointers.

Getting buck naked may not be for you. That’s OK. Many saunas and gay bathhouses will provide towels, but bringing a pair of flip flops or shower shoes is highly recommended. A pair of even your oldest flip-flops ensure you can enjoy the various water features without having to tiptoe around corners and rooms.

Also, especially if you’re travelling and aren’t confident in the bathhouse’s payment methods, bring cash or local currency to ensure that you aren’t turned away without some fun when you make the trek there.

When you’re travelling, a bathhouse is a great way to cruise the scene and meet new connections, so it’s disappointing if you don’t make it past the front desk just because they don’t accept a major credit card.

Also, pack your favorite brand of lube, just in case, and don’t share drinks or take drugs with other patrons you don’t know. While a swig of that Gatorade could be harmless, it’s best to honor your safety and ensure you don’t take something you regret. In your favourite gay bath porn, nothing ever goes wrong; however, this is real life. Be wary of consequences for being too trustworthy.

With the above in mind, if you can, don’t be afraid to bring a friend. A buddy system is a great way to ease your nerves. However, sometimes an eager friend may get caught in the action, and you may lose sight.

Don’t fret. Above all else, be nice. Strangers at the bathhouse are perhaps friends you haven’t met yet. Enjoy the company of hot gays in the hot tub, and know that being friendly will get you very far.

Pretty soon, you’ll go from novice to season pro, getting down at gay sex clubs or using your Squirt.org membership to find the nearest gloryholes, hookups and hot males.

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