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Whether it’s cardio, bicep curls, or an intense Pilates session, the real sweaty treat after a hard workout at the gym is all the tasty morsels that come out to play in the male locker room.

When cruising at the gym, nothing beats catching the eye of the hot stud who you noticed and who saw you, get off the elliptical, strut down the corridor and, as luck would have it, be perched just a few lockers away from you in the changeroom.

Like fanatically worshipping a pop diva, cruising for other gay guys at the gym when the shorts are off and towels are out are all part of the gay and LGBT experience. Gym cruising can be all about luck, but why leave it to chance? is your gay dating site to help you find open-minded guys who love to make things steamy and wet, with or without the sauna session. Read on to find out how can enhance your gay hookup experience at and beyond the gym.

Why Gay Locker Room Cruising?

Perhaps it’s the rush of testosterone and endorphins after a long sweaty workout or the thin, white gym towels that leave little to the imagination. Either way, single men, men seeking men, or fellas who don’t need a label for a good time love the possibility of hooking up at the gym.

One other attraction to gym cruising is the increased odds of being able to scout out the merchandise before you “check out.” Whether it’s a racerback tank top revealing massive biceps and pectorals or catching a glimpse of the goods when their Andrew Christian briefs hit the floor as they hit the showers, finding love and falling in love with Mr. Right Now is easy and sleazy on the change room floor.

A locker room can also be “ground zero” for the right gay hookup app. Unlike other gay dating websites, is a responsive website for both desktop and mobile. You can pull out at the gym to see who the closest members are to you. This way, you can confirm that Mr. Quads five feet away isn’t just a whole lot of man, but an available gay man who is down for some fun.

How Can I Find a Gay Gym Hookup?

As mentioned above, finding a gay hookup at the gym can be all about luck and courage.

Sometimes it’s easy, such as when eyes linger on naked bodies in a classic gym shower cruising moment. Or, when the hot businessman working out after 5 PM reveals he’s been wearing a cock ring the whole time he’s been working out (hot!).

Most of the time, it’s all about the vibe. Sometimes, you have to be a total vibe-aholic to notice subtle nuances in the cruise scene. But when you do get what you want, it might lead to someone looking for a blow job in the sauna, a threeway in the steam, or a game of doubles in the showers on a quiet and late night. The entire experience may even end in a potential date.

The best you can do to minimize the chance of leaving, ahem, empty-handed, is to check out’s massive cruising directory. No matter your country, region, city or town, provides an extensive database of local gym and hookup spots, so you know when and where the action happens.

Our active members let other users know when they plan to be at a particular neighbourhood fitness center. Or, they may just let you know which gym in your city is the one to join if you’re not just looking for the best weight equipment, but other ways to drop a hot and heavy load on the floor.

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