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Gay men anal sex experience

No Pain, All Game: Perfecting Your Gay Ass Pounding Fun

Don’t be confused: anal play isn’t just for two consenting fellas. Many folks in the LGBT community (and outside of the community) may partake in anal pleasure.

However, when it comes to gay males, it’s hard not to associate a little tooshie action when two or a few men get under the sheets.

Many will have a first-time experience with anal sex when in the gay community. But how do you prepare or just generally enhance your upcoming sexual encounter? Whether it’s popping your black cherry or revisiting some handy tips when getting back on the “saddle,” we’ve got you covered.

At, we’re a thriving community of men that are connected, ready and willing to get down! Read on to learn about how to prepare for your next anal sex experience with ease and sleaze.

Why Do Gay Men Like Anal Sex?

While we could dive into the history and science of the above question, we can also answer concisely with the line: “if it feels good, do it!”

The bumhole, or anal region, is filled with plenty of nerve endings, making it the top reason males participate in anal sex. However, it’s the positive reinforcement (or grand finale) that keeps them cummin’ back!

While it can be initially nerve-wracking, it’s all about finding the right person(s), practice and long-term understanding of where exactly your “spot” is to determine if it’s right for you.

Some may try butt sex and never go back to it again! While others regret not having found it sooner. Either way, like all good things, experimenting is the name of the game to discover precisely how and if you like it.

First Time Having Gay Anal Sex? Tips for the Best Gay Anal Sex

If you’re a seasoned pro with muscle control, don’t worry. Send this guide to your best pal fresh on the scene, a staunch (but curious) top. Or, read on for tips you might’ve forgotten about; a refresh never hurts (and neither should good sex!).

Get Squeaky Clean

Ah, the delicate and precise art of douching your anus. Unlike a fad diet with a celebrity spokesmodel that restricts you from eating what you want, anal play and anal sex shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favorite meals.

Take a browse on the wild side of your Google search and discover a comfortable enema bulb, or invest in a shower attachment that brings the water to you. If you go for the latter, be careful! Placing the hose attachment in you (or near) the orifice before turning on the water can lead to temperature danger or water pressure pain.

Once you are all filled up with water, take your bad self over to the bowl and expel! If working with an enema bulb, practicing this self-care habit over the toilet will be the best choice.

No matter your method, slow and steady precision can never hurt when douching for the first time or any time.

Take care, and soon enough, the water will run clear, allowing invitations for others at your leisure. Party for one, or party of five, you’re now ready.

You Are What You Eat

If you expect to have some fun later in the evening, a sensible meal should be on the table, literally, for the 24 hours leading up to the adventure.

Certain fibers like beans, whole wheat, bran or potatoes can lead to a danger zone down south. Also, we all have foods that we love to eat but are eager to shut down the party and sometimes the after-party. Avoid if you can.

Sometimes, you are surprised by an unexpecting backdoor visitor on your favorite hookup app. If so, douche, cross your fingers and lay down a towel. Ideally, postpone and distract your mate until a more suitable rainy day to try.

How long should you wait after you finish douching? A seasoned porn actor will tell you that no sexual, penetrative fun should happen until at least 45 minutes after cleaning. “Remnants” of your hygiene adventure can still be there and need time to evacuate. Patience is a virtue, and a little waiting never killed anybody.

Can’t Quite Put Your Finger On It

There may be moments where ecstatic pleasure, spit, courage, and your fave lube create a perfect storm of immediate and smooth entry. However, for newbies especially, a slow but ultimately deeper penetration is the best practice. Don’t rush.

If you needed an excuse to moan “finger my ass” or to partake in some (hopefully) mutual gay ass rimming, the best reason is readying yourself for ultimate anal sex.

Why the above? Well, a finger or two is a great way to test how ready or how much you’re able to handle before coming face to face (or ass to hips?) with a monster cock. Gay ass eating provides the lubricant and foreplay. Plus, ass licking is fun!

While you’re there, throw in some oral sex and flirty eye contact. The significant point here is: take your time. Taking a big dick too fast may not spoil the entire evening, but crying “ow, ow, pull out, pull out!” before taking the fetal position does halt the production of things—prep with some anal fingering, dirty talk, whatever. You can always go faster as you move, but slower, at first, is better.

Switching Up Positions for You

The best position for gay anal sex? It depends. Like ranking the top Lady Gaga album, the more gays you ask, the less clear the best choice becomes.

What is clear is when it’s your first time, a new setting, or just a new dude, you have to figure it out as you go along. While a tall drink of water standing above 6 feet may make you easy and hard at the same time, once you find yourself on your tiptoes, bent over an Ikea chair, calves aching, and abdomen sore, you will lose interest in a Hemsworth type fast.

Don’t fret, but do communicate. If you’re not having fun, speak up and quickly brainstorm the next place to throw your legs in the air.

The best recommendation is to take the lead and pull your trick, date, husband over to that couch, bed or carpeted floor and get that much-needed change of scenery.

Practice makes perfect, and eventually, you will know your comfort zone, whether it’s on top, your back or bent over the bed.

However, while one may think finding a suitable top and bottom is enough, there are nuances. Sometimes, you’ll meet a top who can only “perform” on top. Or, like a favorite sleeping position, can only find the rhythm on their back or side. While you might have your faves, compromise is key here.

For example, if you find yourself bent over the bed, give yourself a second to position your bottom to the most comfortable position—one leg over the bed, wrapped around your man. Just not on your tiptoes so that you can avoid calves cramping.

The best gay anal sex position requires all parties have consensual fun. Sometimes this just means speaking up, thinking fast and carrying on.

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