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We all have our tastes; some guys like big daddy bears, while others prefer their men smooth and slim. Some like topping, some like bottoming and many like both, but virtually all gay and bi men can agree that gay blowjobs are one of life's greatest gifts.

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Why Do Males Love Gay Fellatio?

The enjoyment of gay oral sex can be a profoundly personal and individual experience. Still, several factors may contribute to the affinity that many gay men have for this intimate act.

One crucial aspect is the physiological and psychological response when engaging in oral sex. The mouth is an erogenous zone for many individuals, and receiving oral pleasure can evoke intense sensations and pleasure. But why do gay males get just how arousing this can feel?

As we all share the same junk, men get just how amazing a hot tongue going up and down our horny shaft feels, maybe better than any female can. It may be why many of our gay oral sex stories in our Cocktales section on Squirt feature bisexual and curious men who say the best blowjobs they ever received have been from other men.

Psychologically, the act of giving and receiving oral sex can foster a sense of intimacy, vulnerability, and trust between partners. It allows for a connection beyond physical pleasure and can be a way for gay men to express love, desire, and appreciation for one another.

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For those who get off on anonymous hookups with gay and bi guys, there's no greater rush than being on either end of a glory hole. If you're looking for glory holes near you, Squirt's expanding list of gay cruising spots can point you in the right direction. Many adult stores with back rooms where gay and bi men hook up have adjoined private booths with glory holes connecting them. Most sex clubs and bathhouses have similar setups, but you'll also find glory holes in some public restrooms at truck stops, parks, and libraries. If you fancy yourself a handyman, why not install your glory hole in your home? You might have guys lining up around the block to try it.

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