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When it comes to gay cruising in Atlanta, finding the hottest gay clubs or gay bars to find gay men shouldn’t be a drag.

While you might have your local haunt where you know you can drum up some fun, meet some hot males and catch a couple of phone numbers, other days, you might want to find someplace (or someone) new.

Besides the familiar places and faces that can give you general gay dating malaise, knowing where to find exciting new hookup spots can be a challenge. Enter your number one source for finding gay sex in Atlanta, hot cruising spots, or a way to stimulate your entry into your local gay scene.

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Best Gay Hookup Places in Atlanta, All in a Tap or Swipe

How can you get up to some ass fucking fun without asking every fella at your local bar or club such a to-the-point question? Throughout the United States, gay men are looking for easier ways to cruise the scene, and makes it incredibly easy to find Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now in only a few clicks. features cruising directories to match whatever kink, fetish or dirty little fantasy you're into. If you’re eager to try or enhance your gay park cruising or love a parking lot where you can get the chance to spread out on a hot rod, then Atlanta cruising spots like Grant Park are a perfect way to meet someone new. Just roll up in your ride, and look out for men who want what you do. Valued members say:

“Here now to get some multiple loads fucked in my tite [sic] ass...BF fucked me not too long ago so my hole is nice n ready lol...i will have blue on...hit me up and letz fuck!!!”

“I'll be down that way soon. Insatiable throat here.”

Are you into finding a local Atlanta gay bathhouse to stir up some fun and a little bit of trouble? member-favorite Flex includes steamy amenities like a hot tub, a jacuzzi, private baths, a weight room and of course, a play area with gloryholes, booths and slings. Atlanta members of love ditching the dance floor and their clothes and having some fun at this local fave. But don’t take our word for it! members say:

“Okay, so I completed my first visit to FLEX and had a great time. The facilities was [sic] clean, and the amenities were outstanding . . .The sauna is great! The pool looks awesome, and the hot tub is another outstanding feature. LOL, I will be back in 2 weeks.”

“I was here yesterday from 3 p.m. To 8. I almost didn't go . . . I had a great time. Several hot men of porn star quality relaxing and walking around naked and sex [sic] actually happening all over the place. I enjoyed the attention of men I wouldn't have dreamed would be interested in a gentleman of a certain age! Anyway, cruising is always hit or miss and yesterday was definitely a hit!”

Gay Bath in Atlanta or Clubs? Find Your Fellow Gay Travelers in Atlanta, Georgia

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    Down and dirty or smelling of piss and urinal cakes, what's not to love about the risk that cruising local washrooms provide; find some men at washroom spots, such as:
  1. Pilot Travel Center - Are you looking to suck some fat trucker cock? This bathroom cruising spot features secluded urinals to check out and jerk off with a man who takes you back to his rig for more action.
  2. Cox Hall - This Men's third-floor restroom in Cox Hall just off of Asbury Circle includes one large stall and two urinals so you can find some action.
  3. Biltmore Atlanta - Just on Peachtree Street Northwest, Members know the bottom floor restroom as a perfect gay cruising spot.
  4. The Home Depot - Ditch the lumber aisle if you're shopping for hardwood. This Cumberland Parkway location has a semi-private bathroom and a turn when you enter, so you can quickly zip up if someone uninvited enters.
  5. Macy's - Sometimes you crave cock, and some peace while going down on a hot man. The Greenbriar Mall Macy's and its third-floor bathroom near the bedding and linen section will give you a reason to towel off.
  6. Barnes and Nobles - No reading required; this location off of Spring Street Northwest has a 2nd-floor bathroom where the word is plenty of college students pass by to get a little brain.
  7. Marriott Marquis - Just off Courtland Street Northeast, these fully-enclosed bathroom stalls near the main administration offices on the main level mean you have a private, little hookup where no one can see what you do.
    After dark, on a mid-July summer night, there's nothing like meeting men who want to suck and fuck between the brush of a local park near you, such as:
  1. W. D. Thomson Park - Known as a seldom-used neighborhood park on Mason Mill Road with private, rarely-used trails and only one entrance, so no one catches you off guard.
  2. Sykes Park - Located on Dodson Drive Connector, cameras have allegedly been installed, but Members still note that they can find some hot jerk-off action.
  3. Chattahoochee Park - This secluded park is known to be great for sex; as usual, be cautious and keep your eyes peeled.
  4. Piedmont Park - Off of Piedmont Avenue Northeast, 200+ acres of space; use to find nearby men who can't wait to fuck just off the trails.
  5. Empty Lot on Maiden Lane - Nearby to some neighborhood bars, this lot sees a surprising amount of late-night action when the bars close.
  6. Heritage Park - Outside of the city towards Mabelton, but plenty of Members say cruising often happens at this park location.
    It could only be a Saturday night with a few drinks and a promise of men looking for a good time. Catch some action at some of these well-known local spots:
  1. Friends on Ponce - Everyone needs a local watering hole where gay men come for a cocktail, some social buzz and a little bit of eye-fucking before you take them home. Friends on Ponce De Leon Avenue is just the place to meet a man who is what you desire.
  2. Bulldogs - A small bar and club for those who need a beer, a dance floor and the promise of knowing you'll catch the attention of another fella by the end of the night.
  3. Atlanta Eagle - This laid-back leather bar is a classic gay cruising staple worldwide. The Atlanta location is no different if you desire a cruising location where daddies run wild.
  4. Felix's - This bar features karaoke, performers, DJs and drinks, and a messy math equation with the answer being: you, going home with a couple of numbers or even a few men who want to continue the fun into the morning hours.
  5. Blake's on the Park - DJs and drag queens, could I make it any more obvious about this 10th Street Northeast bar?
  6. Southern Nights Video - Adult video location where you want to do more than rent a movie: find some bisexual men who may not be chasing the bar scene but may chase your cock.
    You only need a couple of good options to find some gay sauna fun with other males, and luckily, Atlanta has two locations that don't disappoint:
  1. Qi Clay Sauna - Men's spa with dry saunas, steam rooms, and shower areas; while not a gay bathhouse, many men come here for fun. One Member loves the back facility dry sauna with a bench perfect for group cock sucking.
  2. Flex - This men-only sauna is located in Midtown and features a hot tub, jacuzzi, a weight room if you want to pump before you take a load, and a few play areas with gloryholes, booths and a sling.
    Admit it: you love meeting another guy's eye on the weight rack, knowing that as soon as they head to the locker room, they're hoping you'll follow right behind them for some fun. Some top Atlanta gyms where you can cruise for days include:
  1. LA Fitness - The Atlantic Station location just off 19th Street Northeast gets a crowd ready for action; members also frequent the facility at North Lake for some sauna fuckery fun, plus the showers in the back for some slippery fun. Also, check out the location near the Atlanta Beltline.
  2. Planet Fitness - The location is just off of Oak Street Southwest at West End Mall and promises some good-old fashion gay cruising with men who want more than just a free weight session with another male. Also, check out the location near Memorial Drive Southeast.
  3. Snap Fitness (Glenwood Park) - Take your cruising to this boutique gym just off Glenwood Avenue Southeast and find some fellas who want to spot you on and off the gym floor.
  1. Tesla Charging Station - Just off 19th Street Northwest, get charged up with some fat cock while you wait for your electric vehicle.
  2. Parking Lot on Cheshire Bridge Road - Tokyo Valentino Erotique parking lot, but not too far away from Cheshire Motor Inn–so if the car isn't enough, the following location doesn't have to be your place to host.
  3. QuikTrip on Howell Mill - An all-night gas station that gets a little crazier after dark; the lights stay on, but some young studs come out to play by a particular hour of the night.