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We should all strive to be sexual creatures, looking for fun in any way possible.

So, whether it’s a guy or a girl, a man or a lady, your best friend who invites you over to play video games and lets you suck him off, we should embrace those moments when we’re having a good time and let off some steam. is a bisexual haven for guys who like spending time with males and females, maybe one more than the other. Who cares, right?

When it comes to sexual release from a discreet blow job at your favorite local cruising spot, using sex toys for anal play and thinking about a particular type of man rather than your girlfriend, it’s all in the name of having fun, letting go and getting off.

Read on to see how makes it easy to have discreet and anonymous fun with male friends, other bisexual people or even on your own at home.

What Are Signs of Bisexuality in Males?

While it’s hard to define what makes bi folk–and we should strive to avoid labels if we don’t want any–there are a few ways to decide whether you may like both men and women.

Alfred Kinsey saw sexuality as a scale in which no (or rarely) one is straight or perfectly gay. In contrast, many gay and straight men may say they just don’t swing the other way, but everyone likely has some fluidity and doesn’t realize it.

What’s your Kinsey scale score? While we can’t measure it like a temperature on a thermometer, we can look at the signs based on what you’re sexually attracted to.

For example, do you flip between MILF anal videos on your most-visited porn sites and then change to the “Gay” tab to see gay men partake in some ass fucking, ass licking or ass play?

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about what it would be like to tag-team your girlfriend with another bisexual man? Either way, no one should define your sex life other than you, and sexual identity can be a public or private thing. helps you find what you’re looking for when hooking up with another guy. Our valued members include thousands of horny men that don’t care what you might go home to; they just want to know if you can meet at a local bathhouse nearby, a glory hole or a movie theatre.

And no, it doesn’t mean you’re gay if you hook up with a guy or imagine what it’s like to stick your meat in the mouth of someone you just met that isn’t your wife (maybe you have an agreement?). You’re just having fun with the guys, and wants you to know there’s nothing wrong with fun: we wholeheartedly encourage you to let go, relax and participate in behavior that lightens your load.

An Attraction to Men Should Only Mean More Hookup Fun is the #1 hookup site for bisexual, bi-curious and gay males looking to have a good time; yes, that means sex.

But there’s also so much more. No matter your sexual orientation or what you like, such as anal sex, BDSM, or just a down-low blow job at the gym you cruise at, or another place, makes it so much easier to find.

Are you looking for a local cruising trail at a nearby park, or do you just want to video chat with another man while you have the house to yourself? Do you simply want to get off to online videos of other guys who like to show off? Maybe you like to show off, too: find out today. is free to join and opens you up to new experiences you shouldn’t say no to, even if you initially want to; get started today and find out what you’re missing.