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Cruise for Gay Manhattan Sex and Find Fellas with

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Explore Gay Saunas in New York and Manhattan

Whether you’re in an open relationship, or it’s just another day, so you want to eat ass on a Saturday, there’s nothing like knowing Manhattan has some grand bathhouses.

With New York saunas, knowing the train you might be taking that night isn’t just exclusive to Grand Central can be all you need to soak up all your New York minutes.

“Great last night. I'm so glad I gave it a try . . . The best moment for me was when I was sitting down trading blow jobs with a beefy black guy while two younger and very hung men (both about 9 inches) were right next to us sharing the same bench doing the same thing. It was so hot to see them managing to deep throat each other.”

“Tonight’s party was a blast, so to speak. There were probably about 40-50 guys over the course of my stay (I was there from 7:30 to 8:45) and got my dick sucked by probably 9 or 10 guys . . . My dick seemed to be in demand. I’m still sweaty.”

Discover (and Re-Discover) Your Favorite Gay Bars in Manhattan

There’s nothing like getting back home in the early morning with a smile still stretched across your face from the “friends” you met throughout one long, hot night.

If you haven’t yet experienced the thrill and satisfaction of having a sleazy and easy New York night, you don’t know what you’re missing.

With Manhattan being infamous for late nights and bright lights and closing time sometimes coming up with the sunrise, it’s no wonder the bars in New York and gay clubs in Manhattan are considered the most legendary in North America.

From happy hours to drag performers, or even just getting a chance to watch Drag Race to “wig” out on the drag show lipsync in the company of friends, New York has you covered.

While not necessarily a dive bar, unless you count diving south on the first fella you see when you walk in, The Cock is legendary for being a sex bar where practically every guy is ready to wipe their chin and leave a stranger with a grin.

Gay singles, hot and horny guys, bi males, or those who don’t like to put a label on it, only have sweat-drenched memories when visiting The Cock; a few of our members write:

“From past experience, you will get all the cock you want here. I always left very satisfied.”

“Will be here tonight with my husband looking for play in [the] basement!”

“Freeballing here in tiny shorts tonight with my cock hanging out . . . let’s see how long it takes before there [sic] are pulled down and I'm in someone's ass or throat.”

Washrooms and Parks in Manhattan’s Gay Cruising Scene

If dance parties, dark spaces, dance floors and drag queens aren’t your priority, take yourself back to the basics and experience the primal pleasure of cruising where the fun is anonymous. The possibility of getting caught also enhances the thrill.

If you venture a little to Harlem, Mount Morris Park is a classic, where our members only have great things to say about the men who come to play when night falls. A couple of members write:

“Park nice and full. Got sexy dudes just cruising back and forth up the hill. Wish I could stay to taste a nut or two.” “Taking some out of town buddies (ATL, PHILLY) here tonight after sunset until around 11/12 midnight . . .”

Show Your Wild Side with

From the West Village, Greenwich Village, and the East Village, to name a few, New York is home to one of the largest communities of LGBT and gay men. So, if you’ve check-marked “men seeking men” on more than one type of dating profile or gay personal, you need to check into for a rowdy good time.

Some dating sites can be a drag, but that’s what makes so exciting. It unites hot, gay males who just want to play below the belt and have no qualms or hesitations when it comes to letting their inhibitions go.

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    There are a few hot gay bars and bathhouses in Manhattan and New York City. One of the most popular gay bars features hot dancefloors, go-go dancers and even hotter men:
  1. The Eagle - Looking to suck cock in a hot leather bar? This Eagle location is a hot one, with many Members noting that on Jockstrap Night events, the main bar becomes an orgy hotspot, with many men sucking and fucking on the floor until the late hours of the night.
  2. The Q NYC - A local nightclub that promises DJs and drag queens; if you love a little music while you eye-fuck the hottest men in the city, this is the place.
  3. East Side Club NYC - This East 56th Street bathhouse is a 24-hour haven, so no matter if you're leaving the bars or bored on a Wednesday night in a city that never sleeps, you're bound to find someone to stay awake with you.
  4. Paddles NYC - Sex is in the air at this S&M club, so if you like the smell of spit, sweat, cum and fuckery, you got to check this place out for yourself; venue hours vary for the men-only parties.
  5. The Cock - An iconic dive bar you don't want to miss if you're new to NYC or a visitor.
    If you're looking for some gay NSA action at Manhattan gyms, there are a few places you can check out. Some gyms popular with gay men of all ages and offering various cruising opportunities include:
  1. Lifetime Fitness Sky - Located in Hell's Kitchen, members report some hot action in the showers and steam room. Keep in mind the steam and sauna at this 42nd location are co-ed.
  2. NYSC Gym - Get over to Hamilton Heights and this 145th Street location, where the sauna is known to get wild as a cruising hot spot. The Grand Central location is also known for its sauna to get wet and wild.
  3. Planet Fitness - The sexy reputation of the 3rd Avenue and East 41st Street franchise location in the Bronx means plenty of opportunities to work your ass and cock after a hard gym session.
  4. Crunch - While they shut down the steam room a while ago, this 4th Ave location still gets many males getting freaky in the sauna.
  5. Equinox 50th Street - This well-known high-end gym franchise location has quite a reputation for cruising in the locker room.
  6. Blink 125 - The location on West 125th Street holds a clear reputation as a place where fucking and sucking are rampant.
    No matter what you're looking for, there's sure to be a spot for anonymous bathroom cruising in New York City that's perfect for you. Our fave locales include:
  1. Grand Central Terminal - The West Food Court Basement and its left urinals get plenty of action, a washroom cruising spot you want to take advantage of.
  2. Essex Market - This Manhattan spot has quiet restrooms at the end of the hallway; users love this code-key bathroom as it gives you plenty of warning when someone is about to pop in.
  3. Pier 17 Seaport Restroom - This Financial District location, with its second-floor restroom, is a quiet place where men can hook up without too much risk of getting caught.
  4. Brookfield Place - Head to Battery Park and get over to the ground floor washroom; word on the street is that some toilet paper holders come off to reveal glory holes between stalls.
    Central Park is a massive park in NYC, with many smaller park clusters that gay males love to visit for some hot gay park cruising.
  1. Loch Walking Path - Located near the Ravine in Central Park, this spot is well-known for many gay men to get together after dark for a bit of tomfoolery.
  2. Marcus Garvey Park - Find a secluded, private spot to suck some fat hard dick in this 20-acre park bordering Harlem.
  3. The Pond at Central Park - Just off 5th Ave & Central Park S, this is where men hang out by this local watering hole in the hopes of finding some holes to suck and fuck.
  4. The Bethesda Fountain - A well-known fountain in New York City, this Central Park fixture also has some nearby bathrooms where many gay men love to get frisky.
  5. St. Nicholas Park - Known as a place to get a little lost in the dark, men love this 141st Street park to get down and dirty at night.
    The library may not be the first place you think of when thinking of hot and hung college men, but if you're looking to find some hot college gays that want a little action, there are a few places you can check out.
  1. Elmer Holmes Bobst Library - This Greenwich Village library and its LL2 bathroom get some hot action from NYU males. Remember that you need a student card to get into this library.
  2. Fashion Institute of Technology - Get a fashion student to tell you those pants need to go. The bathrooms on the third floor of FIT in Chelsea have a reputation for males that need a little cock break from their studies.
  3. Hunter College - Students and faculty love to get a break in these bathrooms off of 695 Park Ave between East 68th Street; feel free to come from the street with what our members say are "perfect stalls" for fucking and sucking.
  4. Butler Library - Columbia cock is all the rage; the stacks are a perfect spot in this library for some eye fuckery and some guaranteed men who are down to give brain.