Explore Gay Melbourne with a Little Help from Squirt.org
Hookup with hot bears and otters nearby

Explore Gay Melbourne with a Little Help from Squirt.org

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Gay Beach Cruising Made Easy

Whether you like to get your surf on or just love the idea of sunning your buns, the beach is an ideal day spot for many Aussies and travellers alike.

Beyond the seemingly “straight” first hundred meters, Sunnyside Beach is well-known by locals as a hot gay scene that begs you to explore and try all that you might see.

With Sunnyside being clothing-optional, there’s a high chance you won’t need your speedo, so fears of tan lines can go out the window with your inhibitions if you fancy a little fun with a perfect stranger along the coast.

Point Ormond Reserve

Point Ormond Reserve is one Melbourne hot spot that includes a notable bush where men seek men for fun. Or, if you’re just looking to spot some man candy but not partake in action, that’s also possible.

Don’t just take our word for it. Some of our Squirt.org members praise the spot saying:

“Beach is packed… too many hotties are out in full force. Moran outdoor gym nearby is A++++.”

“To the Asian hottie with gray shorts checking me out and waiting for me to get outta the car, I’m sorry, but I just came here to chill out today x.”

Public Places for Gay Sex

If you care for a meetup at your local car park, perhaps so you can spread out on a hot rod, pull out your key and start the ignition with a new friend, Royal Park Car Park is the place to go.

A small public toilet block near the car park is where the action happens. Some of our Squirt.org members write:

“Thanks, boys. that was fun.”

“That was great, whoever you were.”

“Who was [that] sexy AF dom top who just skullfucked me?”

Gay Toilet Cruising

Unlike other gay dating apps or dating sites, Squirt.org can give you access to the hottest cottaging and dogging spots, like local rest stops where there’s no rest for the wicked.

Table Rock Toilet Block is an out-of-the-way toilet block with a glory hole and many hidden gems. One Squirt.org member writes:

“Was hot fun this afternoon at around 1:30 [PM]. About six guys.”

Safety When Cruising

Whether it’s CCTV cameras, higher security patrol, or sexless vigilantes without the cute spandex, practicing safety while cruising and avoiding getting arrested are key.

As always, if stopped and questioned, say you’re taking a slash at a public toilet or just leave. Risking your safety is never worth it!

Parks and Recreation

When finding the hottest, world-class gay beats in Melbourne, meeting friendly lads for a wank in the park is all well and good, as long as you are OK with potential mozzies.

Take a load off at the Donvale Reserve, with toilet blocks just off Noonan Way. If you’re into businessmen, quite a few suits go there in the evening, leaving the central business district and eager to let loose. A few trusted Squirt.org Members write of this hot locale:

“How was [sic] those boys fucking in the last stall yesterday arvo[?] It sounded like a good root. I made a mess in the next stall.”

“Here in 10. Wanna suck some loads.”

Or, if you care for a bit of fun from AM to PM, Victoria Park is open 24/7, although if you want uninterrupted action, nighttime is definitely your time; this is a great place to meet up for nighttime cruising. One fave member writes:

“Great place once it's dark. Please message me if you are needing to cum. I need to suck.”

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    If you're in for a risky thrill and keen to get it on with a local bloke who wants some release at a public toilet block, we've found just a few Squirt.org members love to frequent:
  1. City Library - Located on Flinders Ln., the toilets are clean and usually quiet. Three urinals are good for cruising, and three cubicles are also available. The bathrooms are open to all men. The best times to visit are from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Cruising can happen at the urinals or under the stalls.
  2. St Collins Lane - The quiet toilets at St Collins Lane have eight urinals and two large stalls. To get there, walk along Collins St. towards Southern Cross and turn into St. Collins Lane at the crossing between Swanston St. and Elizabeth St. The toilets are on the left about 30m down. Making eye contact at the urinals and then moving to the stalls is suggested.
  3. Sandridge Surf Club Toilets - This toilet block in Port Melbourne is accessible from the beach or road and has a small carpark. The busiest times are early mornings, midday, and when most people finish work. It is common for guys to have sex in the toilet cubicles. However, there are no doors to the main toilet entrance, so you cannot hear anyone coming. Be discreet.
  4. Government House Toilet Block - The toilet block is located near the Government House driveway and not far from Sidney Meyer Music Bowl. It has one long, open urinal and three cubicles; the best times to visit are early evenings during the week or Sundays.
  5. Postal Lane Toilets - This quiet basement toilet near H&M is frequented by businessmen and guys on their lunch break; you can access it via stairs or elevator. Cruising is possible, but be cautious, as security does patrol the area.
    If you fancy a risk among the trees and past the hiking trails, Squirt.org members love these gay cruising parks for some frisky fun when dusk hits:
  1. Newbury Park - Located at 279 Somerfield Dr. N., a secluded park at night in Keysborough with clean toilets but no glory holes, is a popular spot for hot students and daddies to meet up. To get there, drive past Parkmore along Perry Road and turn left into the display homes; the best times are between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. Walk around the park discreetly and look for signs of interest to meet someone.
  2. Dights Falls Park - This large park has a discreet and quiet toilet block where most of the action happens during the day. There is also outdoor cruising by the river at night, particularly near the dam. On weekends, there is no day action, but it becomes very active by the river once it gets dark.
  3. Banksia Park - Another large park with tracks and a bush area; various people, including tradies, suits, and older married men, frequent it. To get there, take Bulleen Road off the Eastern Freeway and look for the park entrance with a sign. The park is open all day, but the best times to visit are lunchtime, after 5 p.m., and Saturday mornings. The park is discreet for cruising, and the toilets are in a good location, particularly the separate accessible toilet.
  4. Allard Park - With multiple entry points and plenty of hiding spots for nighttime activities, it is best to go in the late evening after sundown. Sit on a park bench and follow someone into the bushes when you get the signal.
  5. Brady Reserve - A large reserve along the east side of Moonee Ponds Creek in Brunswick, good for nighttime hookups; this place is dark, with plenty of trees and places to have fun. To get there, head to the end of Hope Street or access the park at the end of Harry or Whitby Streets in West Brunswick.
  6. Westerfolds Park - Visiting the park in the morning, after work, or around lunchtime is best. The park is popular among married/bisexual men. To get there, follow the signs to the picnic area, and the toilet is next to the Melbourne Canoe Club shed. The cruisiest spot is the washroom in the picnic area and the bushes behind it.
    If you're a horny uni student looking for a hot gay fucking between classes, you'll be keen to know there are plenty of local spots in Melbourne to lick your lips:
  1. RMIT University - Building 80 - The level 10 or 11 washrooms are great places to meet university students, professors, and attractive younger guys. It is a quiet and secluded restroom where males can participate in "extracurriculars."
  2. Federation Square Atrium Toilet - A public toilet in the rear of the Federation Square Atrium; get there by going near the stairs up to the plaza. Cruising patrons include tourists, uni students, joggers, and ACMI theatregoers in the evening. Security and CCTV are present, so discretion is advised.
  3. Monash University - Get on Squirt.org near this horny campus to find males looking to cram more than just their studies; Caulfield Park Main Oval also gets joggers, cyclists and uni students looking to cruise, given the school's proximity.
  4. University of Melbourne: Mechanical Engineering Building - There are quiet toilets with peepholes and showers accessible from Grattan St, near the Mechanical Engineering Courtyard. The building is opposite the Prince Alfred Hotel. Use the peepholes and head into the shower if you need more space; stairs access the facility.
    If you get a thrill from sucking and fucking in the locker room, remove your runners and get into some trouble at these fitness centres where gay cruising is aplenty:
  1. Virgin Active - Located on Collins St., this gym is quite busy and offers a variety of equipment and a pool, spa, and sauna. The change rooms are large, with two shower sections of frosted glass to hide the fun and the shower wank. The location on Bourke Street also has some considerable action.
  2. Fitness First on Flinders Street - A cruisy fitness center that requires a membership or day pass; if sharing a shower with a hookup, turn on the shower head in the stall next to you and throw your towel over the door for privacy. The steam room is hidden around the corner, and most guys wear underwear there. Upstairs toilets, especially the second stall in the men's room with a small alcove, are a good place for quick meetups. Nudity is allowed in the changing rooms, showers, and steam rooms. The Bourke Street location also gets some action, as well as the Lonsdale Street location.
  3. Good Life - Located on 300 Chapel Street, this gym offers cheaper rates than Fitness First and has excellent facilities. It attracts a diverse crowd, including suits, twinks, young people, and athletes. The cruisiest spot is the changing rooms/toilets.
  4. MSAC - Located on Aughtie Dr., the sports and aquatics centre has top-notch facilities, including sports courts, indoor and outdoor pools, and recreational splash areas. Nudity is expected in the changing rooms, and there are opportunities for fun during lull periods, with some members noting the sauna for good cruising.