See What Gay Perth Hookups Have to Offer on
Find local horny gay and bi men and cruise nearby

See What Gay Perth Hookups Have to Offer on

If you were going to gloss over what Western Australia has to offer when it comes to gay men, think again!

Perth is an attractive and populous city with beaches, hot rocks and even hotter men. So if you like to get your rocks off near beaches (some of the clothing-optional variety), bathhouses and saunas in Australia, or the great outdoors, Perth is per-fect. is your top place in Australia to find hot cruising listings, well-reviewed hookup spots, and hot males who want to get down. Only our exclusive members get access to a cruising directory that makes finding fun safe and only a tap away.

Life’s a (Gay) Beach

Forget the beaches in Sydney; while Bondi Beach knows a little infamy, Swanbourne Beach is one nude beach that will appropriately knock your socks off. All kinds of guys, from bears to twinks, come to play at Swanbourne beach!

Nudist beaches are aplenty in Australia and a coveted amenity for many gay travellers looking to let loose and inspect some hunky merchandise.

Swanbourne in Perth is a favourite to our members when cruising and looking to suck cock in Perth. One of our valued members writes:

“Had a hot time here yesterday, lots of naked guys in the dunes. [I] sucked a lot of cock and got my smooth pits licked. . .very hot morning. Left very satisfied.”

Babes at Bathhouses in Perth and Saunas in Perth

Are you looking for a hot sauna session in Perth? While a traditional sauna may provide a legitimate massage, nothing beats an afternoon rub down, including a happy ending.

So, ditch the infrared saunas for another day and enjoy the additional health benefits of a good jerk with a good new friend.

Connect with males who really know how to make you sweat, such as Perth Steam Works. Their team completed major renovations and an open-air terrace, as well as premium beer lines and wines! One of our valued members writes:

“Another great visit. So many cocks to suck, so little time . . . And thx to the guy who fucked me hard.”

Safety While Cruising

As always, practicing safety and being discreet while cruising is a must. For example, some places may have security cameras, or lighting makes it hard to meet discreetly!

As always, if stopped and questioned, say you’re taking a slash at a public toilet or just leave. Risking your safety is never worth it!

Garratt Road Bridge

Garratt Road is a toilet block and bushland in a quiet, discreet car park. It overlooks the river near the western end of the bridge. One valued member writes:

“If the two guys that just fucked me down there are on here, hit me up, keen for another round”

Bibra Lake

Bibra Lake includes all sorts of men, mostly older guys. Early morning, lunchtime can consist of some sexy gay businessmen. Another valued member of writes:

“Oh my, that was good. If ya on here, buddy, message me. I’m keen for more.”

Join the Gay Club in Perth with

Perth sex with hot gay males is only a few clicks away when you join Forget making connections at nightclubs and gay bars in North Perth, and find a delightful array of cruising spots to scratch the itch.

    If you’re on the hunt for some hot cock in the most public of places, Perth has some great cottaging spots you can uncover by logging onto, such as:
  1. Claremont Quarter - Upstairs toilets behind Sheridan in Claremont Mall is a popular cruising spot for twinks, daddies, and jocks. To get there, take a train to Claremont Station and walk to the shopping centre. If driving, the mall is directly off Stirling Highway. The best times are from 10 am onwards, with Thursdays being open late. There are urinals for open fun and cubicles for more discretion or adventurous encounters.
  2. QV1 Food Court Toilets - There are toilets next to the Mary Street Bakery that are ideal for discreet encounters. The stalls have high gaps and low doors for privacy. The best time to visit is during non-lunch hours. The toilet cubicle on the left, closest to the entrance, is the most popular for cruising.
  3. Quinns Rocks Toilets - Meet for fun at a beach car park or in the toilets as the beach gets crowded. The end of the car park is recommended for parking and playing. The crowd mainly consists of tradies and people going to or coming from work. The location is near Quinns Beach, across from Saltys Cafe. The best times to visit are early mornings and late afternoons, as the car park gets busy during lunchtime.
  4. Breckler Park - There is a quiet spot away from crowds where you can find a willing mouth to service your meat. It is located on Cornwall St. The spot is available anytime, but be aware of occasional interruptions from families, people walking dogs, and council trucks. Cameras have been installed recently.
    There’s nothing like a hot, sweaty workout on and off the main gym floor; find that special spot with hot athletic males and a steam room that gets you moist in all the right ways, such as:
  1. Goodlife Cannington - A fitness club located in Cannington, part of a chain of clubs in Perth. The male change rooms are large, with over 8 semi-transparent shower cubicles. The main action can be found in the showers, particularly at the end, where you can leave one door open while showering.
  2. Goodlife Gyms on 166 Murray Street - members say hot, fit guys frequent this gym; the best times to visit are after 8 pm at night. To get there, head east on Wellington St, turn right onto Pier St, and take the first right onto Murray St. Nudity is allowed in the showers, but swimwear must be worn in the sauna and spa. A membership is required to enter.
  3. Beatty Park Leisure Centre - The facility has an indoor leisure pool, sauna, steam room, spa, gymnasium, cafe, and retail shop. The showers downstairs, next to the group fitness rooms, are the best place to hook up. Fit swimmers and gym junkies go there. To get there, follow the directions or take bus 402. The facility is open from early morning to evening, with slightly different weekend hours.
    If you’re looking for some gay glory hole near you in Perth at a local sex shop, Perth has a few with gay and bisexual males frequenting these cruising hot spots, including:
  1. Pink Rabbit Adult Boutique - A sex shop with a lounge upstairs that has two screens showing porn, a sling room, and bondage furniture. Upstairs has straight porn on one side & gay porn on the other. The rear entrance is available for cruising, and there are usually willing participants in the back couch area.
  2. Libido Adult Superstore - The facility has four booths with gloryholes and three without. Mature guys and city workers mostly frequent it during lunch breaks and after work. The venue is clean and discreet, and occasionally couples visit. The booths require payment, and the staff can provide change.
    Perth has some fabulous outdoor parks that attract joggers, cyclists and hot males looking to suck cock! You can find the best gay cruising spots in Perth using; discover some hot hookup spots such as:
  1. Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve - There are quiet walking trails with plenty of bushes for outdoor meets. The car park is also a good option. Using the car park to show interest is an excellent way to engage with others. There is a heavier security presence, so caution is advised. All types of people go there, including tradies, joggers/footy players, and local guys. To get there, drive to the end of Commercial Road, park at the end, and walk into the bush areas.
  2. Victoria Gardens - The garden pathways are a popular spot for cruising, especially in the evenings. There are many apartment blocks nearby, and the corner of Royal St and Trafalgar St is the entrance to the gardens. The yellow cat bus can take you there during the day but stops at 7 pm. There is plenty of parking available. The gardens are always open, but the best time for action is at night. The toilets are sometimes left unlocked. The cruisiest spot is by the bridge.
  3. Strutt Reserve - Cruisy park in Noranda mainly attracts young guys in the evenings. It is located off McGilvray Ave, at the end of Stewart Way. The park has dense trees, making it suitable for discreet activities at night. However, be mindful of locals who use the park during the day.
  4. Kulbardi Park/Toilets - A large park and bushland area with running trails; the facilities include toilets, but it is suggested to meet at May Circle and follow someone into the bush. People of all types visit the area. Stay away from crowded and family areas, and the cruisiest spots are the toilet blocks or bushes. There are warnings to stay away from crowded areas and mention of increased park patrols, so be careful.
  5. Breckler Park - There is a quiet spot away from crowds where you can find a willing mouth to service your meat. It is located on Cornwall St, accessible by following specific directions. The spot is available anytime, but be aware of occasional interruptions from families, people walking dogs, and council trucks. Cameras have been installed recently.