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In the realm of human sexuality, there exist numerous hidden desires and unspoken fantasies that often remain concealed behind closed doors. One intriguing phenomenon that captivates the male mind is the enchanting world of BDSM or gay spanking as fetish sex.

Men worldwide are getting spanked, pushed and punished to orgasm; the world of gay BDSM is an intricate sub-culture of men seeking men for sex and may sound either more extreme than you can believe or right up your alley. So what do you think: are you a glutton for punishment? can help you decide; with a userbase of hot and horny males all looking for all types of males, there's someone for everyone.

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But if you're intrigued about the world of BDSM and spanking, including what makes a man want their ass slapped hard before getting pulverized by a hot, hard dick, read on and see the basic science behind a spanking fetish and how can slap you in the right direction.

Why Do Gay Males Get Turned on By Gay Spanking?

What makes a man want a spanking real' bad? Part of the allure and appeal comes from the intricate interplay of BDSM.

BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism) lies in its power dynamics, the psychological satisfaction derived from surrendering control, or the sexual satisfaction of being the one in control, and the sensory experiences of pain mixed with pleasure that heightens overall sexual pleasure.

For many gay men, BDSM offers a safe and controlled space to push boundaries, experiment with power dynamics, and surrender themselves completely to their partners.

However, like all types of sex, there are spectrums and boundaries of how far is too far, or when something is not enough, too much or just the right spot.

For you or many guys, spanking is the sweet spot between hardcore punishment play and the extra kick needed to make your boner hard and your dick wet.

The science behind BDSM attractions comes from the endorphins released; when we're in pain, our bodies release endorphins to help push us through the pain by allowing our brains to embrace the pain as pleasurable. As you might feel pain when spanked, spanking releases endorphins, natural pain-relieving chemicals in the body, making you feel good and giddy when you and your partner mix in spanking during foreplay or parts of the sexual experience.

Want to get the most out of your spank session? It is best to start with light strikes and gradually increase the force to induce the release; this allows the body to build up and release endorphins, increasing pain tolerance and making the experience more pleasurable.

Or, again, a light spank mixed with the power dynamics and the feelings of being told it's okay to submit may be all it takes to get you over the edge; play at your discretion and see how far you'd like to go with a trusting and strong partner.

Identifying Your Type of Gay Fetish Sex

For some males, bondage and ropes may be too far, or BDSM may only exist as a possibility in bookmarked gay spanking porn on some of their favorite porn websites.

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