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Some like it hot and wild, and beyond the desert heat that Phoenix brings, there are also thousands of hot and steamy gay males that call Phoenix their home.

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Find a Phoenix Bathhouse for Hot Anonymous Male Sex

From the steam rooms, dry sauna, and the overall water features that Phoenix men frequent for some relaxation and much-needed release, gay bathhouses are aplenty when living or visiting Phoenix: you just need to know where to look.

What is it about the bathhouse that can bring out the hunger for anonymous gay sex? Is it the locker room where you can catch a glimpse, the realization you’re in a place where other men are looking for precisely what you’re craving? Or, is it knowing that when you drop your towel, you’re also lowering your inhibitions that may stop you from chatting up a guy, compared to the local gay bars?

Either way, Phoenix, Arizona, can be your one-stop shop for bathhouse fun.

Enter, your trusted cruising partner, taking the guesswork out of finding the latest hookup spot to cruise and knowing when and what time to go for ultimate fun.

Flex Bathhouse Phoenix draws the boys out to play! From gloryholes, darkrooms, a pool, and a steam room, sauna, plus plenty of areas known for lots of hot group sex, you’re in for a treat if you play your cards right. Chute also knows how to bring in the action, where you’re sure to find plenty of men to fuck, suck, lick and be licked!

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Gay Gym Cruising and More: Find Hot Arizona Gay Men for Fun

From gay adult bookstores like Pleasure World to the hottest database of gay gyms where men love to pump more than just weights, you need to access the best that the gay community has to offer.

From thousands of male profiles with guys all looking for sex, is so much more. A social network with gay chat rooms for whatever floats your boat, message boards, hot and sexy Member-created videos and photos, let Squirt be your place to jack off, jerk off others and overall have a good time that you can’t do alone.

Get started today. It’s easy to join, and when the gay bars and saunas close, is your 24 hour spot to get online and get off with another man in Arizona. It’s free to join and gives you access to all the hottest meat and men you can imagine. Let your fantasies become a reality, and get a little help blowing off some steam today.

    If you're looking to keep up with your fitness and get a little pump on and off the gym floor, Phoenix has plenty of cruising fitness gyms where men go to stroke more than their muscles; some locations include:
  1. LA Fitness - The location on 7th and Camelback, arguably the best gym for cruising in Phoenix according to members, located in the center of the gay community, attracts a diverse crowd but mainly consists of younger fit guys and older fit daddies. The sauna and showers are popular spots for cruising, with a view from the sauna to identify potential partners. Open shower curtains or inviting someone for a private encounter is standard.
  2. Lifetime Fitness - Located on E Camelback Road, a high-end gym where members can ensure the locker room and steam room will give you all the NSA action you crave.
  3. Mountainside Fitness - This lovely, clean gym with a great locker room is on East Indian Bend Road. The eye candy and the steam room keep members in Phoenix constantly returning for more action. Also, check out the location on Happy Valley Road in North Phoenix.
  4. Planet Fitness in Fletcher Heights - This N 23rd Avenue location features large showers for two, and members of Squirt agree the staff turn a blind eye to the hookups; just be discreet with other non-playing members.
  5. EōS Fitness - The location off the I-10 on E Elliot Rd features a sauna and steam room.
  6. Valley of the Sun YMCA on North 1st Avenue - This location features showers with no doors and four others with only shower heads on the wall so you can be naked and exposed; put on a show and see who follows you into the steam room.
    Men looking for anonymous hookups in restrooms, public washrooms, and rest stops use to find them in Phoenix and Arizona. Here are some of the favorite spots of members who love some NSA gay sex in public:
  1. Lowe's on W. Thunderbird Road - This cruise bathroom at this local hardware store has a notorious last stall where all types of men know to go for a little gay-sucking action.
  2. Biltmore Fashion Park - if you're shopping for hot meat, this shopping center features a first-floor men's bathroom where hot sexy action is guaranteed throughout the day. Catch the eye of another shopper and see the precise merchandise you can unwrap in one of the large bathroom stalls.
  3. The Palomar Hotel - On E Jefferson Street in downtown Phoenix, this gay cruising spot is a 3rd-floor bathroom in the hallway leading to the pool area. The bathroom has a loud door so you can collect yourself before anyone sees you hooking up.
  4. Arizona Grand Resort - The bathrooms on the first floor of the building (either side) has an excellent reputation for cruising; to find one bathroom, look for the Conference Center. The loud bathroom doors mean you decrease your chances of getting caught with your pants down.
  5. Banner Medical Center Restroom - Located in Coronado on E McDowell Road, this is for gay and bisexual males needing a rectal exam without a present doctor. The cruising bathroom is located behind the front desk of the hospital's main entrance.
    Day or night, gay males in Arizona love to frequent cruising parks and find other males freeballing their rock-hard cocks and ready to play. Some local gay cruising parks in Phoenix include:
  1. Mountain View Park - Just off N 7th Avenue, there are plenty of options to cruise late at night in the park's car lot, the hidden trails, or the restroom when the sun goes down.
  2. Little Canyon Park - Beside Grand Canyon University, this park bathroom has a reputation for bringing hot gay males after dark. Plus, being close to the university means many hot college studs come by for some action.
  3. South Mountain Park - A big parking lot for car play, hiking trails where you can spot another freeballing guy looking to play, and some discreet restrooms make this park off of S Central Avenue a great local cruising spot to consider.
  4. Snedigar Park - On S. Basha Road, the private restrooms are great for late-night hookups and bring a lot of married men and NSA men who want discreet gay fun.
  5. Coronado Park - This park is a classic cruising hot spot in Arizona; find the park restroom next to the baseball diamond at this 12th Street park and find a man who wants to get into a bit of trouble.
  6. Granada Park - An excellent cruising park for when the sun goes down; perfect potential for gay hookup action; watch for families and ensure you don't get caught.
  7. Washington Park - This North 23rd Avenue park is another bathroom hot spot with an open stall and urinal, so all gay males can have fun without getting caught. members love to know where sophomores go for a little relief from the daily grind, and there are plenty of campus spots where gay college studs play, such as:
  1. Banner University - The cafeteria bathroom at Banner is well-known for being a cruising hot spot; go right down the hall from the main cafeteria doors and find the big stall with the peephole looking into the smaller stall and spy another hottie who wants to play.
  2. ASU Downtown - The University Center located on N Central Avenue features a quiet second-floor restroom known for its cruising potential; jerk off with males at the open urinals before heading to a stall to finish playing.
  3. Grand Canyon University - Find the Grand Canyon University Student Services building and wait for a hot college stud to see you going into the bathroom for a little cruising fun between classes.
  4. The City of Phoenix Biomedical Campus - Located just off North 7th Street, look for the bathroom in the Health Sciences Education Building for a little cruising fun.