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Philly, “The City of Brotherly Love,” or the “The City that Loves You Back?” Gay singles looking for a hot gay hookup may be eager for one type of love and one type of love only.

In a city with a large “Gayborhood” including gay bars like The Bike Stop, Tavern on Camac, U Bar, or the after-hours club Voyeur, men seeking men on the dance floor or at a drag show is easy in Philly.

While the nightlife may allow for fun, casual encounters, enlisting the help of a top-tier gay hookup site can make sure that you can feel even freer to find gay hookups in Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or across the United States. isn’t your typical way to tap into online dating; instead of the candlelight dinners, walks on the beach and perhaps getting caught in the rain, Squirt is all about getting you wet in other ways.

For example, meeting near Independence Hall, getting down to business at a local bathhouse, and helping a gay man (or bisexual man) like yourself find the pleasure of meeting another guy with sex as the starting point.

Read on to discover how can make your time in Philadelphia hookup heaven with tools that can make cruising for cock not only more titillating but also an easier feat.

Gay Sex Hookups and Gay Cruising in Philadelphia is No Sweat

Is it fitness, and do you think you could fit this? While many people at the gym are looking to cram in as many dumbbell sets as possible in an hour, others–like our members–join the gym so they can cram as much as possible in the locker room and steam room.

Cruising at the gym isn’t new, but when you log onto’s cruising directory, you’ll discover plenty of guys love to frequent Philadelphia-based gyms for some hookup fun.

Whether you choose the Planet Fitness on Ridge Ave or the Millis LA Fitness, our members love to get online to tell other users when they plan to get their sweat and pump on, on and beyond the gym floor.

Planet Fitness at Quartermaster Plaza gets many reviews and action, according to our Members. Here’s what a few valued Members say about this cruising gym hotspot:

“This is a fantastic location and outstanding cruising option. This gym is extremely busy with hot guys all day long from 12p-8p. Come midday or afternoon, and you will have a blast. Make sure you get your memberships guys.”

“Great gym, very fun to play around here. Amazing location.”

“Stopping by around 4:30-4:45 am if anyone needs to bust one out before work hmu. I’m. Ready.”

Unlike other free gay hookup apps, provides comprehensive cruising details about your favorite local spots. From how busy a joint gets during the day and at night, what type of guys in the community you can expect to see, to even places to avoid, get informed about your hookup locale and avoid any nasty surprises.

Gay Sex Near You: Gay Philly Has Loads Aplenty

If you dream about drinking in your day at the local glory hole in Philadelphia, Adonis Cinema, Fantasy Boutique, and Dream Boutique are all stellar places to get down on your knees and get down and dirty. If you like to take in a dirty movie and get some inspiration for your next cinematic sex acts, these local bookstores and theaters can accomplish just what you need to milk the best ending to your day.

Need a little more convincing? Here’s what some of our valued Members say about their time at Fantasy Boutique:

“Had a good day here the other day in the theater. I was fucking some daddy over a chair while another married man was jerking off. Next thing I know [sic], a short stocky ginger bear came up behind me and fucked me. Very hot boys. I agree Bathroom in this place needs a scrub down and supplies, but it can be a wild place for fun.”

“Gave and received oral from four different guys. This interesting thing is last guy said he was 80 years old. He shot a great load.”

“Thinking about heading down this afternoon. I'm so craving a hot daddy cock oozing in my mouth.”

The Gay Community Comes Together with

So, what are you waiting for; gay Philadelphia is here for you to explore, one hot guy at a time (or maybe all at the same time). From gay chat rooms, video chat, IM chat, explicit member videos and photos, message boards and hot erotic Member hookup stories, there’s something for everyone on

Get started today. It only takes moments to log on, and when you do, you’ll grant yourself access to a premium gay dating site that gives you all the tools you need to stroke, suck, jack, pet and lick something new and exciting. Get started today and gag on all the goodies that await you with your membership.

    When in Philadelphia looking for a hot gay hookup near you, use's "Cruise Now" feature to locate the best cruising theatres and adult shops. Some favorite locations of our members include:
  1. Romeo and Juliet's - They remodelled this location on James Street, and the chain added new private arcades to the back, plus two theatres for all your hot jack-off needs, frequented by many men, women and swinger couples for bisexual males ready to play.
  2. Adonis Cinema - This theatre can be hit or miss, according to members—a good setup with many dark rooms and play spaces. Plus, Sundays are the busiest.
  3. Scorpio Adult Boutique - Another location that gets a mixed clientele but is well-reviewed for its clean booths; noted as small, but that can be a plus on a rowdy night.
    Many gay and bisexual males in Philly look for hot gym sex in the sauna or steam room, and has the best directory of gay cruising hot spots for men looking to pump muscles and pump some cock; this includes:
  1. Planet Fitness - This South Philly location on W. Oregon Avenue is a busy gym with many young guys looking to play. Plus, if you love working up a sweat before working a stranger's hole, this location is known to have great equipment and is big and clean. Also, check out Ridge Avenue, where members promise lots of fun in the showers.
  2. Juniata Fitness - In Feltonville on G. Street, this gym is a little smaller and less busy, so there are more options to play without the risk of getting caught. Fewer people mean fewer cruising partners, but when you get lucky, the communal showers, the sauna and the pool mean plenty of ways to get wet and wild with a stranger.
  3. LA Fitness - This franchise location on Franklin Mills Circle has everything you need for a proper workout and a real-good fuck after. Sauna (co-ed), showers and hot down-low guys all want a taste of your dick. For a men-only steam, check out the location on Langhorne.
  4. City Fitness - The locker room, showers and men at this South 12th and Ludlow location is all revved and horny for some cruising hookups: don't be left out.
    When the weather is good, runners, joggers and, of course, gay men looking for some out-and-about gay sex when no one is looking go to parks to cruise; some hot outdoor cruise spots include:
  1. Tacony Creek Park - Beloved by members, you will find some cruising adventures on these 302 acres; from creeks to trees and paths, find another male and duck into the bushes for some fucking action.
  2. MLK Drive Parking Lot - Located in Fairmont Park, this car park has plenty of guys looking to take someone into their car for a proper blowjob. If you're on foot, try to find a secluded part of the brush, as many other park cruisers will be looking for fun without an automobile.
  3. Kahn Park - This park gets busy all day if you know where to look; located right in the center of Washington Square West, in Center City, find some males freeballing and grabbing their cocks and follow them into the brush for some anonymous gay sex.
  4. Washington Square Park - Another park that's best in the cover of night; no prominent places for cover, so walk around and look for guys fucking you with their eyes and yanking their cocks through their sweatpants or jeans.
  5. Independence National Historical Park - Find this park on 4th and Chestnut; you can hop in secluded bushes for a quick shag, especially in the cover of darkness.
    If you love the thrill of potentially getting caught with your pants down and dick in your mouth, the risk of washroom cruising in public places is aplenty in Philly (just don't get arrested). Here are some great places members swear by:
  1. Cira Green - This park on the 11th floor of a parking garage on S. 30th Street features bathrooms on the southwest corner with floor-to-ceiling doors on the bathroom stalls for ultimate privacy.
  2. 30th Street Station - This public transit station's bathroom near the SEPTA area is a well-known cruise spot. Be careful: members report increased security, making this spot only sometimes optimal for finding fun.
  3. Airport Marriott - If you're getting into town or your flight is delayed, the 1st floor of the Marriott Hotel near the Conference Room area is private and quiet and perfectly set up for gay hookups. Look for the end stall for ultimate privacy, but all the stall doors go from floor to ceiling.
  4. Liberty Place Food Court - Located on 16th and Chestnut, you can surely bust a nut at the bathrooms in the rear of the food court, where the line of stalls and urinals get an afternoon rush from all types of gay businessmen and locals on lunch.
  5. Fashion District - The food court bathroom at 1001 Market Street also features some cruising males looking for NSA fun; just near Penn Square, the mall is on the corner, with the food court located in the basement level.
  6. Westin Hotel Lobby - The restroom at this hotel, located on South 16th Street, has excellent private stalls for hookup endeavours. Just take the elevator to the Lobby level and take a left past the restaurant for the men's bathroom.
    If you're a sophomore looking for fresh meat on and off campus, helps you find the best gay men near you; some top gay hookup spots for gay college guys include:
  1. Pearson Hall Gym at Temple University - The gym is only open to students at Temple, but the large locker room and open-style showers mean you can always fool around. The echo in the space means you have plenty of time to stop if you hear someone coming.
  2. Thomas Jefferson University - Are you looking for a little sucky-fucky with other co-eds on campus? Use to find other nearby males looking for fun. Word on the street is the picnic tables between Locust and Walnut Street see a lot of males meeting up to take their hookup to the next, more private, location.
  3. Drexel University - Log on to Squirt from this campus and get bombarded with hot college guys; if you're looking for a cruising spot males love, check out the main campus bathroom just off Chestnut Street with the promise of understall action.
  4. USciences Campus - 24 acres of urban campus means many ways to find gay college seniors near you.
    Nighttime is your time, but if you're not ready to head to the park for some after-hours cruising just yet, grab a drink and eye-fuck some local gay males near you at these well-known establishments:
  1. Bar X - Carmac Street is known as the gay village for Philly, and Bar X is a tremendous frisky spot on the second Saturday of the month when they host the PorkRoll parties. Otherwise, nothing should stop you from catching glances with another hottie in this dimly lit discotheque.
  2. Woodys - This classic bar on South 13th Street always brings a crowd on Friday and Saturday, and it is also located in the heart of the gay village.
  3. U Bar - Described as unpretentious and easy to grab a drink and cruise another male at the bar, this Locust Street watering hole is one that you can happily stumble out of with another hottie at closing time.
  4. Bike Stop - If you're not sure what vibe you're thinking for the night, this long-standing gay bar has four levels, each a little different, so able to accommodate all types of twinks and daddies or men in your community.
    Everyone loves a little sauna and steam room action with other gay males, and Philly has some go-to spots to get naked, grab a towel and fuck and suck with some other guys; this includes:
  1. Club Philly - Hosts various CumUnion parties and is a well-reviewed spot in the city; you'll find what you're looking for here as you prowl for the best gay sauna in Philly.
  2. Sansom Street Gym - Located on the other side of Philly near S. 20th and Sansom Street, the reputation is down and dirty, which sometimes might be what you're looking for; ask some locals for the best time to head here for fun.